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We are an interdisciplinary team from the fields of Deep Tech, Culture Building, Change Management and Personal Development.
We inspire our clients with completely new approaches and together we shape the companies of the future.

What We Do

  • Hyper Automation (RPA / Machine Learning)

  • Business Process Management

  • Low Code Development

  • Disruption & Innovation Workshops

  • Culture Transformation

  • Agile Coaching

Our Value Manifesto

  • Personal Development means Company Development. We support each other in personal growth. As long as we grow personally, our company grows.

  • Simplicity and enthusiasm. Our claim is to always make avoidable complex issues simple and intuitive. This is reflected in all our products. We only tackle the things that inspire us.

  • Life's too short... Only exciting/fulfilling tasks. We are a "Hyper-Automation" company. Creativity is our focus. Tasks that we don't like are automated or externalized.

  • Bye, Bye Business Etiquete. We like real people - the way they are and want to be. Sincere honesty is part of our DNA.

  • Permanent Beta. We question the status quo. We love change and live an open error culture. Knowledge is only valuable if it is applied in creation.

  • 10x 100x - Think BIG. Think POSITIVE. Everything is possible. We think beyond borders and pave paths that no one before us has trodden.

  • Mindfullness. Gratefullness. We cultivate all relationships on a personal level and in gratitude. We interact intensively only with those people who are also able to do so.

The Visionary

Tilman Walch
Future Technologist | Problem Solver | Disrupter
"Companies need to disrupt themselves at regular intervals to remain successful in the long term."

Contact Us

QUITT GmbH | Rheinwerkallee 6 | 53227 Bonn
Managing Director: Tilman Walch

If you are interested in a benefit-driven transformation or have further questions, we look forward to hearing from you.

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